MFS Monthly Tip: Calculating Your Financial Needs

Guest Blogger: Andrew Horowitz, CFP, Horowitz & Company, Inc.

Life insurance is an important component of a well-crafted financial plan. It is not necessarily something that will benefit you directly, rather it helps provide for your loved ones in the event of an untimely death.

The question that many ask is: “What is the appropriate amount of life insurance to have?”  Continue reading

National Diabetes Month: Learn How To Manage Diabetes


This year, the National Diabetes Education Program’s theme is: Managing Diabetes – It’s Not Easy, But It’s Worth It. This theme highlights the importance of managing diabetes to prevent diabetes-related health problems such as heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, vision loss and amputation. As a part of engaging in National Diabetes Month, we want to educate you on the ways you can manage your diabetes. Continue reading

National Diabetes Month: What is Diabetes and Its Risk Factors?


National Diabetes Month is observed every November to bring attention to diabetes and its impact on millions of Americans. Did you know that more than 12% of U.S. adults are currently affected by diabetes? If you have diabetes, or are at risk for diabetes, the earlier you know the better. Early action can help prevent diabetes-related health problems in the future. As a part of engaging in National Diabetes Month, we want to educate you on the different types and risks of diabetes. Continue reading

Good Doctor-Patient Communication


Guest blogger: Lindsay V., Communications Coordinator

There can be fear associated with going to the doctor. Some are nervous that the doctor will find something wrong, or are afraid to disclose certain symptoms. Others have fear they are not asking the right questions, or are concerned that they are not being presented all options. Good communication between you and your doctor can help squash those fears. Continue reading