Heads Up: Concussion Tips


Heading back to school also means the beginning of fall sports—a great way for children and teens to stay healthy and learn the value of teamwork. If your child is enrolled in a sport, it is important to keep safety in mind and take steps to ensure sports are being played as safely as possible to avoid injury. Continue reading


Training your mind like an Olympian


When it comes to training like an Olympic athlete, it’s important to not only train your body, but your mind as well. Even though the 2016 Olympics have come to a close, we know just how important it is to continue building mental fitness after two weeks of intense competition. While a strong mind may not win the competition, a weak one will surely lose. Continue reading

Olympic Dining


Training for an Olympic sport starts at the kitchen table. In order to sustain the energy levels of an Olympian athlete, you must fuel properly—before and after training sessions. Ahead of the Beijing Games, Michael Phelps was consuming 12,000 calories a day (4,000 per meal)! Your daily caloric intake should be based on basal metabolic rate—the number of calories you burn naturally throughout the day—and the frequency and intensity of your exercise routine. Continue reading

Go for gold


If you’re like me, you have Rio Fever! Growing up, I always loved watching the Olympics—gymnastics was my favorite sport. Olympic athletes inspire us with their discipline and natural talent as they climb higher, jump further and run faster—constantly breaking records. They encourage us all to take on new challenges. Whether your goal is to run a marathon, improve your foul shot or compete in a triathlon competition, there are lessons to be learned from the world’s top athletes. Continue reading