Grilled to Perfection



When it comes to summer-fun, grilling is usually involved. While we might immediately think of frozen patties and hotdogs, there are plenty of ways to impress your guests with healthy, backyard-style, grilled recipes. Don’t torch your cookout from the start—let’s chat and chew about grilling tips to help turn up the heat this summer! Continue reading

Food Alert

Allergenic food isolated on white

In a recent blog post, we chatted about spring-cleaning tips that anyone could use, but were especially helpful for allergy sufferers. Today, we focus our attention on a different type of reaction—food allergies. May is Food Allergy Action Month, and each year, Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) hosts a nationwide Food Allergy Awareness Week to highlight the seriousness of food allergies and the threats they can pose on a person’s health.

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Manage Allergies with Nutrition


Guest blogger: Lindsay V., Communications Coordinator / Compass Rose Benefits Group

Spring is around the corner, and so is allergy season. There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy the nice weather only to be met with itchy eyes and the constant urge to sneeze. These symptoms are your immune system’s response to foreign substances in the body. So, a good way to tackle allergies is to strengthen your immune system—which you can do through nutrition. Continue reading

Good food, good mood.

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March is National Nutrition Month®, which focuses on nutrition education and information. This year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is focusing their attention on “the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits.” There are several key factors to consider when it comes to eating right—the process goes far beyond your daily dose of fruits and veggies! In addition to how, when, why and where you eat, it is also important to consider sight, sounds, memories and interactions with eating, according to

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Healthy Holiday Tips


The holiday season is a time to celebrate with family and friends. Unfortunately, for many it also becomes a time for over-eating and weight gain. According to the National Institutes of Health, holiday eating can result in an extra pound or two every year. Over a lifetime, holiday weight gain can really add up. The holidays don’t have to mean weight gain. Focus on a healthy balance of food, activity, and fun. By implementing a few simple tips you can stay healthy through the holiday season. Continue reading