New Year’s Resolution: Tobacco Cessation


Making a New Year’s resolution can be one of the positive things about starting a new year. If you are one of the nearly 7 in 101 smokers in the United States who want to quit, make a resolution to get started in 2017. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States, and quitting now can cut your risk and leave you feeling stronger and healthier. Continue reading

Holiday Anxiety and Depression: How to recognize it and what should you do?


Guest blogger: Karen R.. Compliance, Quality and Clinical Program Specialist

Many of us look forward to the holidays and the opportunity to celebrate and spend time with family and friends. For many, the holidays are truly a joyous time of the year.  However, for others, it can be a time filled with stress, anxiety and even depression.  Continue reading

Cold & Flu Season: Save time during the holidays with Doctor on Demand


Between work, family and everything else, you cannot afford to be sick. Life does not stop when your nose gets stuffy or your throat gets sore. Save time by skipping the waiting room with Doctor on Demand. Within minutes, Doctor On Demand connects you with an experienced physician who can help diagnose your symptoms and prescribe the right treatment early.
Continue reading

Good Doctor-Patient Communication


Guest blogger: Lindsay V., Communications Coordinator

There can be fear associated with going to the doctor. Some are nervous that the doctor will find something wrong, or are afraid to disclose certain symptoms. Others have fear they are not asking the right questions, or are concerned that they are not being presented all options. Good communication between you and your doctor can help squash those fears. Continue reading